Prologue: Episode 2

The 2nd episode goes into the introduction of a starting assassin Black Star and his weapon Tsubaki, when they’re about to kill off Al Capone, who in this episode is noted to have the pet peeve of saying ‘You Know?’ (As though the Japanese couldn’t be any more ambiguous about their view on people other than themselves.) This would have been easy, however Black Star decides to break through the heavens… using his voice. This ultimately leads to the plan to assassinate Al Capone to back-fire. Afterwards they take on another mission and as fate had it, the mission was to kill Angela-a witch who, as we find out later in this episode, is yet to possess magical powers-, but al Capone and his gang arrived there first, only to be stricken down by a man with incredible power by the name of Mifune. Mifune, who’s serious nature pisses off Black Star, is defeated by Black Star, but instead of being Angela and himself being killed on the spot, Black Star decides to spare them, having relearned the way of the ninja, but obviously not how to keep his mouth shut.


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