Paprika (パプリカ) Review

To start off this review we’ll take a look at what Paprika really is.


/paprik, ppreek/

noun a deep orange-red powdered spice made from certain varieties of sweet pepper.

From that stand point, original manga author, Yasukata Tsutsui, hit the main character’s alter ego Paprika on the dot. The movie, which is set in a very modern Japan, is a very exciting roller coaster of suspense, action and detective story which envelopes its audience. The art is well directed leading from one well coloured scene to the next. The physcologic backdrop of this movie hits home as well, telling the story of the accumulation of the characters’ dreams which mend and clash with reality that they so cherish in using the DC mini. Overall, the movie was a masterpiece as director Satoshi did with Paranoia Agent.


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