Halo 1 Review

This review is based off personal experience and facts only.

Halo. It’s a game that many have come to enjoy. It’s a game that has made many fans and fanboys.
But it is also a game that has brought haters and trolls. So, the big question is this. Is Halo really as good
as the fans make it out to be? Or is it simply another FPS?

Game play– What can I say? The game play is awesome. This game can be replayed over and over again. 10/10

Controls– The games controls are magnificant. If every FPS had these controls, I would finally dominate the genre. Alas, they don’t. 10/10

AI– This is where the game gets points, and loses points. Let’s take the lowest difficulty first. The lowest is Easy. On this setting, the game is apparently very easy. Not just easy, but very easy. If you were new to the game, I would suggest going to Normal. The AI on Easy are stupid. They don’t do much. My recommendation is to kill them
if they have something you need (driver seat, weapon, ammo, grenades, anything). The enemy (The Covenant and Flood), are simple as well. Very stupid.

Now, on Legendary, the hardest difficulty, Halo loses points. Your AI, the marines, are still stupid as hell. Except for Johnson. Fucking Johnson. He can always help. The enemy however should not ever be underestimated. They
will rape you at all costs. 8/10

Plot– I am probably a bit biased on this part, but hey, aren’t all reviews biased in their own fucking way? Anyway, the plot of this game is good. I won’t tell it all here because
it would take too much time, but I can give it a rating. 9/10

Graphics– For the time and age that this game came out (Halo: Combat Evolved), the graphics were great. So, back then, 9/10

Animation– Can’t say much for this. They were great. 10/10

Music– This was a great feature. Best music at the very best times. Did it through all three games, although I am just reviewing the first. 10/10

Voices– AMAZING. Master Chief is like a God. Johnson is a Jesus Christ, and the marines are dumb asses. Hahah. 10/10

Humor– Not the biggest thing that reviews go for, but if you pay the littlest bit attention to this game, you find humor fast. 7/10

Sound effects– 10/10. ‘Nuff said.

Game utilities– Checkpoints. That’s how this game goes. If you are 5 feet from the checkpoint and you die, you go back to the other one.  Really isn’t that hard. 9/10 for being like most good games.

Multiplayer– Good God. Back in the day, all anyone ever said was “Let’s go play some Halo”. LAN parties everywhere. 11/10

Overall, I would say that this game got a 10/10. With ease. Didn’t even try.
Disclaimer: This was a subjective review to be taken in with serious on your own accord.


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