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Anime Boston Registration, over

November 14, 2008

Thank you for pre-registering with us at the Japanese/Anime Culture Club for Anime Boston 2009. The deadline February 6 has passed and subsequently so has the time frame to have gotten your discount with registering with a group (i.e. J.A.C.C.). Below is information on Anime Boston.

Registration Policies

Please read briefly the information in the link above. Remember:
Pre-registration is NON-REFUNDABLE and NON-TRANSFERABLE!!!

Please check for more information about events, guests as well as registration information and table information.  If you have any questions regarding anything that we show during our meetings, feel free to contact PR Winnie, or Tanaka, or any other staff member located on the contacts page.

Also, if you have forgotten the password to some of our earlier posts, don’t hesistate to ask.


Veteran’s Day and Other News

November 11, 2008

Let us not forget the people who sacrificed their lives and those who still live today, and their courage in fighting for our freedom.

Now, onto other news.

As you’ve noticed, I’ve been lazy in updating the reviews and other things on the site, mainly because of the school workload. All areas that need to be updated will. If anyone wants to contribute to the site, whether it be a review, anime news, or a photo related to anime, Japanese culture, or manga that you think is interesting, please e-mail me at so that I can enter you as an author and you can get crackin’ on whatever you want to contribute to the club’s website. Later in the month (hopefully) we’ll be talking about a certain event that will happen next year.