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The Jebasaur Podcast Update

August 7, 2008

Until further notice we will be proudly hosting ‘The Jebasaur’s Podcast’ podcast. This podcast is frequently managed and some episodes are deleted in the process. However, even when the episode is deleted the information posted on the site about it will not be. Warning: This podcast may contain material not suitable for ages 14 and under. Listen to this under your own accord.


Rules and blahblahblah

August 5, 2008

Hello and welcome to the Anime Culture Club website where we discuss animations or events in a subjective way. Having the time to do so, we have weekly meetings to quench the thirst of youth that must be quenched by the awesome spring of powerful Japanese animation!! Our goal is to provide an atmosphere in which the people can relate, watch anime and have fun learning aspects of the Japanese culture. Here at the club we follow a basic line of rules including:

-No Pr0n

-No fighting

-No loud talking

-Please behave appropriately

There are related rules as well as rules that must be followed within the guidelines of the agenda book issued each year. We, the staff of the Anime Culture Club expect you to follow through with these rules and put an end to the unjust that is ignorance! Thank you.

~ Elisa, President

~ Tanaka, Vice President

Please leave the classroom clean.

Upon arrival please note the exits, for you will need them later on.

Do note that we don't allow rambunctous people to stay.


The la-di-da

August 5, 2008

The existance of this blog is pure. Well, not really, but it’s of pure intention…. I guess. The point of this blog is to outline and review the viewed shows watched during each meeting held in Room 132 for the Anime Culture Club. Whether this may serve its purpose in real-time will be taken notice of when the year starts again. I’ll assume command and hit you with a subtle quote from a redone japanese animation titled ‘xxxHolic: Kei’

There is no such thing as coincidence in this world; there is only the inevitable.

Enjoy mutual wound-licking Watanuki-san?

Enjoy mutual wound-licking Watanuki-san?